August 16, 2016

Olympics Wrap-up, Amir Edition

Browsing through some Gmail chats between Amir and I today and I found this gem from July 2012, in which we discussed and reviewed the opening ceremony of the London Olympics:

me: What'd you think of opening ceremony?
 prizant76: Bombast.
 me: Nicely put.
 prizant76: Mary Poppins was a nice touch.
me: Yes!
  And Mr. Bean.
prizant76: They should have done a tribute to Grand Moff Tarkin.
me: Ha!
prizant76: Or a sequence with Hugh Grant and a bunch of dancing hookers.
 me: George Michael in a restroom stall?
prizant76: Benny Hill.
me: A friend of mine joked that they should have had a Benny Hill hologram light the torch.
prizant76: A sped-up hologram backed by that goofy saxophone music.
me: They also should have had some kind of Monty Python tribute.
prizant76: Absolutely. Ministry of Silly Walks: Olympic Edition.
me: Or what was their Olympics-like thing? All-Git Olympics?
 prizant76: Upper Class Twit of the Year. One of my faves.
me: Don't forget SNL's "All-Drug Olympics" from the 80s
 prizant76: Or Martin Short as the synchronized swimmer.
Benny Hill! I'll never hear that goofy sax theme without thinking of Amir. We giggled like loons at that show when we were kids, though roughly 67% the jokes went over our heads. Amir never, ever failed to make me laugh, even in the shittiest of situations. He always had a witty, sarcastic or genuinely hilarious comment and he could snark with the best of them. I miss our silly banter and joking so much that I often comb through old emails and chats just to get a taste of his singular humor. I can only imagine the fun he'd have had with this crazy election cycle. (Oh, the Bernie jokes. I can almost hear them.)