March 5, 2016

Unconditional Love

Some tidbits to share on this grey, wintry afternoon. First, from a silly birthday card Amir gave me about 10 years ago:
"Hey sis, Roger Daltrey said 'I hope I die before I get old,' and seeing as how you're old, I'm wondering how we can humanely kill you."
In a note accompanying a mix tape he sent me in 1999:
"Ricky Martin personally approved of every track on this compilation and I refused to send it off until I had his blessing."
From a beautiful note he sent me in 1994, soon after he left for college:
"Over the last few years that I was in L.A., I felt I had increased a lot of [family] tension by being very opinionated, conceited and self-important. Now that I have moved I know that our relationship has matured into a place of unconditional love."
Lastly, some advice he gave me that I wish he'd figured out how to apply to his own life:
"What you possess deep within you--the 'real you'--can be so helpful to everyone. The key is you have to find that place and nurture it, bring it to the foreground instead of the background. If you quiet down and listen to your true 'godly' nature, you'll find all the answers--slowly but surely."