November 12, 2015

One Year

Hello friends. Hard as it is to believe, 10 days from now will be one year since we lost our beloved Amir. It still does not seem real that he's gone and I have been struggling terribly these past few weeks to face this sad anniversary, even though I know it's just a day like any other. It is simply excruciating to accept that we've been without him for a full year.

In marking one year since Amir's death, I'm asking all of you again to share your stories, memories or photos of Amir--anything you'd like to share with our small audience to help us remember him. Last weekend, I spent some time with Ron Lunski (a close friend to both Amir and Jason). He shared a very funny tale of Amir Gone Wild that made me smile and got me wondering what other anecdotes are out there, waiting to be shared. (P.S. Lunski, if you're reading this, would you put your story on paper so I can share it here?)

Please email me at with anything you'd like to share. I hope to spend the rest of November posting remembrances of Amir from those who knew him best.

Love to all!