November 19, 2015


This post has been sitting amongst my drafts for so long I had forgotten about it. Until now. It's these tiny remembrances from our childhood that I fear Yael and I will lose forever, as so many of them were brought to light years later by Amir.

Here is part of an email he sent to both me and Yael in July 2014:
Friday night I went to our local move revival house, the Laurelhurst Theater (A.Y. - you were there with me once) to see Steve Martin in "The Jerk" on the big screen. One of the awesome things they do when they show older movies is showing trailers beforehand for movies released around the same time.
There was a trailer for "Empire Strikes Back" that gave me goosebumps but it was "Heartbeeps" that nearly made me shit my pants. A movie I completely forgot about (for good reason). However, I know we watched it MANY times as kids. My brain kind of folded in upon itself as soon as Andy Kaufman hit the screen in that ridiculous robot makeup. And Bernadette Peters, bless her soul, totally adorable in "The Jerk," yet criminally misused in this robotic romantic comedy. Apparently, this was the movie that was supposed to make Kaufman a huge film star after his TV success. Whoops.
I, too, had completely forgotten about Heartbeeps. Shit like this forces me to wonder what other childhood tidbits Amir might have dug up that I had forgotten about. With his loss, Yael and I have lost an important part of our memory. But I will keep searching old letters and emails for these memories from Amir in order to keep them (and him) alive, at least in our minds.