February 11, 2015

A Bright Light - by Jude Feldman

From Amir's high-school friend, Jude Feldman:
I remember Amir as a bright light; a cynical genius who also maintained a charming and quiet faith that everything would ultimately work out satisfactorily. He was one of the finest road trip companions ever, and we wrote endlessly entertaining (and frankly terrible) free-form, Beat-style "poems" together on the road. We would hike for hours, with friends, in the splendid silence of the redwoods. He introduced me to the work of authors and musicians I never would have found, and his good taste informs my library still. He was brilliant--one of the smartest people I knew--and tremendously funny and self-effacing.
Amir had an incredible, dry sense of humor, and recalling some of the absolutely straight-faced, hilarious things he said still makes me laugh all these years later. He was a master of perfectly flat delivery, while his eyes sparkled with barely-suppressed mirth.
I sincerely hope that remembering the gifts Amir brought into peoples' lives will help comfort you in this most profoundly difficult time.