January 20, 2015

California Road Trip, 1994 - by Jeff Spector

Amir, Vitto, Gregory, (possibly Larry too) and I all hopped in Vitto's dad's RV and took a road trip to Santa Cruz ostensibly to visit Ryan and Abe (the memories are slightly, to no one's surprise, a bit hazy). Amir was in top-form, dryly cracking wise the whole way there and matching me bit for bit with the music trivia. He was erudite and had a true sense of who he was then, a fully formed adult in many ways at just 17. I was 22 and felt younger than him in many ways.

That trip in the Carmona RV was in every way about the journey and not the destination. Much like our lives. I think about that time often and the others I was privileged to be in his company.

Whenever I hear Sonic Youth, the Beastie Boys' "Check Your Head," The Beach Boys' "Friends" album or early Pink Floyd, I know Amir's somewhere on his own journey critiquing the music, dryly musing over the moment, and flashing his wry "seen it all" smile.